A beautiful UI available in both light and dark version


A Simple interface to make a simple thing in the best possible way

Fluor offers a simple and beautiful interface dedicated to do only one thing : managing you Mac's function keys behavior. Using the Default mode switch you can decide which are the global behavior of these keys.
The current app view allows you to set rules on the fly: stick to the global behavior, use Mac shortcuts or use function key in the old fashion, it's you call ! You can also disable Fluor if you need to. It will set the keyboard's behavior as it was prior to the application's launch.


Edit the rules, your rules


The Rules panel allows you to see all the rules you set at once. You can modify or delete any rule. Adding a rule prompt a file selector in which you'll are able to select the applications you want to set a rule for.
The rules list is automatically updated as you set new rules from the main menu. As well as when you set or delete them from the Running Apps panel.

See all running applications

Sometimes it is not possible to select an application in the Rules panel, especially for some games. This panel lets you set a rule for any running application.
By default you only see standard applications, the one that show an UI. Using the Show all button allows you to see any running application like daemons and services.


Hand-crafted UI and beautiful animations

Convinced ?

Download last version (2.1.0)